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First: - Pre-Design Phase:

Formulation and program design parameters of functional spaces of the project and functional structure that meets the requirements of users, the project aims to identify the places andspaces for users and furnished and check:

  • Are those programs elements working to achieve this desired goal of the project it as a whole
  • Over the actual requirement for each element of which order the project is fully operational
  • What is available for the design architect and Matkyate determinants.
  • Thila site available for the project.
    • The main entrances and subsidiary
    • Linked to a network of transportation
    • The proposed areas and the actual areas.
    • Relations between the public and private sectors within the building.
    • Existing services and facilities available in the region and efficiency (the study of public utilities and vehicle traffic in the region) (includes the study of public utilities: water, sanitation, and drainage of rain water, electricity, telephone and garbage collection Nutrition)

Second:- Identify The Economic Data Solutions For Architectural, Construction, Electromechanical And The Environmental Proposals:.

  • Establishment of a minimum cost imposed on the project after completion.
  • Determine the estimated cost of the proposed spaces and style to reach the final cost.
  • Economic fundamentals mandated consultancy offices.
  • Humans identify economic solutions architect and a construction and environmentally (electromechanical) equipment.

Third: - Determine The Duties And Schedules And How To Access The Necessary Cost Of All Necessary For The Project Advisory Business, And Define The Role Of The Cppcc And Required Of Him At All Stages After The Design Stages And That With Regard To: -

  • Consultant Architect: -
    • Foundations Consultative choose and shape of his contract and schedule and the possibility of presenting the project design.
    • The first idea and the determinants of choice of alternative and original development of alternative original stage.
    • Determinants of evaluating alternatives and choose the final idea.
    • Monitor the implementation of the contract on the basis of the design and development of the final alternative based on the timetable for the following stages of the design table.
  • Phase I: - basic idea and the initial estimate on the basis of space and the size of the blanks costs.
  • Phase II: - drawings and the actual cost of licenses on the basis of space and the size of the blanks.
  • Phase III: - drawings and the final cost on the basis of space and the size of the blanks.
  • Phase IV: - Documents and quantities, specifications and foundations offering.
  • Fifth stage: - Assistance in the final awarding of tenders funded and cost (with the participation and drafting contracts).
  • The sixth stage: - overseeing the implementation and followup on the schedule.
  • Phase VII: - Project Documents ((As Build and inventory executive mistakes Claims and style processing and compliance year project design Cons / positives.
  • 2- Consultant created: -
    • Test the best method in the building
    • The extent to which internal brushes to the needs of Altaatsamamy and administrative structure.
    • Estimated Cost and subtraction processing documents.
  • 3- Consultant and electromechanical works (health, nutrition, water): -
    • The efficiency of sewage and water supply work and the coefficient of water supply.
    • Efficient work power plants provide.
    • The efficiency of maintenance and the cost of operating those facilities.
    • Initial preliminary design and cost - Schedule.
    • The use of alternative Tkaqh.
    • Define the role and efficiency of the CPPCC work in energy efficiency.
    • Basic idea of maintenance, operation and renewal and replacement.
    • Phase I: assess the current situation and suitability with the first design and reliance
    • Second stage: the final design.
    • Phase III: IPO documents and documents execution.
  • 4- Consultant fire prevention: -
    • Determine the requirements of the fire prevention and treatment of the fire and the final cost of the necessary equipment.
  • 5- Consultant landscaping Landscape.
    • Preliminary assessment of the needs of the building and follow-up design goal to reach the estimated cost specified.
    • Executive graphics processing IPO documents.

Fourth: - coordination between the project participants to determine the estimated and actual cost in the framework of the timetable imposed follow-up implementation and supervision.

Fifth: - work data for the project from the beginning of the design and work to create a mechanism for the operation and adopted in the framework of maintenance and renewal plan base.

  • Action preliminary data base for the project.
  • Work data podiums.
  • Action database to the style of operating and maintenance assignments for team work.

Sixth: - coordination between all the participants to work to identify the tasks and responsibilities in the implementation phase and follow-up implementation of the timetable imposed, as well as follow-up to the cash flows of those in charge of the work (consultants and assistants).

Seventh: - organize and manage contracts:

  • Dealing with contracts and all kinds.
  • Report on Cash Flow (monthly / yearly) in the context of achieving the schedule.
  • Periodic reports to the site on schedule (monthly - Quarterly - monthly)

Eighth: - the receipt of origin according to the quality requirements:

  • Their suitability for style design.
  • Identify defects.
  • Verbalize to address the flaws.

Ninth: - Action Plan periodic maintenance of the building and operation of a mechanism to put the business of implementation (after completion of the renovation and finishing)

The most important services provided by the company: -

  • Select Property strategy.
  • Manage the use of space and interior design of the rooms facilities.
  • The preparation of the communications infrastructure.
  • Follow-up of periodic maintenance and daily sudden faults.
  • Management and follow-up contracts
  • Follow the work of hygiene.
  • Design and maintenance of IBMS.
  • Design energy management system.

Tenth: - Delivery of all the owner of the building Database documents and followup work and supervision in the framework of periodic maintenance and operation plan.

Eleventh: - training of cadres in case you need them

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